How Does Selling Relate to Exchange?

Although my book, The Natural Laws of Management, is all about management alignment technology, I have provided quite a bit of information on the subject of sales (since I am celebrating my 50th year since my first sales experience and have been selling ever since).

This excerpt is the start of the viewpoint that selling has gotten a bad reputation due to the fact that it is not observed or perceived, even by the salesperson, as a win-win affair. And it is. And the sale is made, to the degree that it is. (Those who go “out-exchange” with their customer, soon no longer are in the sales industry as it becomes less and less “fun” (Yes, providing a needed item or service is FUN,) and more laborious (can I hear “Death of a Salesman” anyone?)


“Selling has a bad reputation. It’s come to mean, in some cases, “forcing something on someone that they don’t want and can’t afford.” That’s not selling. Selling has been a major force in the creation of American society. It’s been a vital link between the producer and the consumer. And the derivation of the word “sell” comes from an old English word sellen, which means “to get, deliver.” It’s the ability to place your product into the hands of the consumer on a rapid basis.

Excerpt from The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale, Chapter 7, Page 32

Arte Maren, International Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant

Arte Maren, Author, Speaker and Business Consultant

Do You Have Your Admin Scale?


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