Goals Are a Luxury Earned Through Production

Excerpt from The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale, Chapter 4, VALUABLE FINAL PRODUCTS, Page 17

“While goals are vital, it is so much harder (and less efficient) to judge effectiveness by a person’s verbalized or even written goals than by what that person actually produces. One doesn’t often hear, “Boy, he sure can turn out a good goal.” In fact, too often goals are used as a substitute or excuse for production. Something has to come out the end of the conveyor belt of production and it shouldn’t be good intentions alone.

“Successful people do have very pro-survival goals and purposes. You can see the products of such people around you. But if good intentions actually exist, then they should manifest as valuable final products.”


Arte Maren, International Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant

Arte Maren, Author, Speaker and Business Consultant

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Author, Arte Maren